Are you Planning to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7?

15 February 2018

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been one of the most dominant Smartphones and still in demand by a mass of customers around the world. Due to its best supporting system, and meticulous design, users always hang around to buy this whether it is available in refurbished or used. This smartphone has tweaked all the flaws of its previous model S6 hence it has iterative perfection for all the users. So, if you are searching for a mobile phone with stunning looks, having a magnificent display and outstanding camera; must consider Samsung galaxy s7. Some of these extraordinary features will compel you to buy it:

Some of The Prominent Samsung Galaxy S7 Features


  • It comes with a fabulous screen which is much better than its previous model. It is protected with Gorilla glass 4 and covered with a metallic body. The killing looks of this device deliver a striking perfection in the first impression.


  • Improved and impressive battery backup; Carry your heavy-duty activities through the day and you will experience one of the best battery backups. It has a powerful 3000 mAh battery and you can use it continuously throughout the day.


  • No one can deny the hardware performance of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. Same with its waterproof capability that is enriched with the latest technology to protect your device from intense water pressure.


  • It comes with multiple storage options with an SD card facility to give you a stress-free space whenever you want to save or download anything.


  • The ultra-fast speed with 4GB RAM- Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have the same RAM specification that means if you buy this device you still enjoy a function of a more advanced set remaining in the same budget.


  • Best gaming experience- When it comes to graphics performance and visuals, Samsung Galaxy s7 beats its competitors. Use can enjoy high-end games with the best visual effects.

No doubt Samsung galaxy s8 has even more striking design with hardware components but it is costly as compare to S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in two options “refurbished” or “used”. You can buy the refurbished S7 phone which will be very reasonable for you but you must have an idea about both categories.

Comparison Between “Used” & “Refurbished” Galaxy S7

If your budget does not consent you to buy the new Samsung galaxy s7 then buying a refurbished and used the phone is a prominent option for you. If you find a reliable source to buy both categories come with a cost-effective solution.

A “refurbished” phone or the returned products that are tested thoroughly by the manufacturer to make them fit for the market. These products are sold to reliable refurbished smartphone retailers. But these devices deliver an edge of the low price that is the main reason of customer attraction.

Which things you have to consider when buy refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7?

Make Sure About Warranty

First of all, try to ensure that your used Samsung galaxy s7 has the warranty. If the retailer or online websites from where you are going to buy the refurbished Samsung galaxy s7 are not giving you the warranty, think twice before buying it.

Buy from an Authentic Online Medium

Try to buy it from the online sites like Alpha Smartphones, Comparephones4u, Amazon, and eBay because they give you a proper warranty or if you have some sort of issues. If a customer finds any issue in their devices, these companies have best customer friendly structure to entertain its customer at their best. If you face any issues, these sites always provide the best customer support. If you don’t want to buy online, then buy it from a certified retailer.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 from Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are the best sources to buy a refurbished or used phone. These sources provide you top Samsung galaxy s7 deals across the UK. Moreover, it is a one-stop. No need to browse through multiple shops online or visit the physical address. You can find leading retailers at the refurbished price comparison site. Choosing from a range of user-friendly policies and various price options is are the most attractive feature of this medium.

Consider Checking ESN Before you Confirm your Order

Make sure you have a valid ESN number to make a stress free deal. This is a 15-digit unique number printed under the battery. You can get all types of previous information with the help of that number. You can also check with the help of this number either the phone you are going to buy is stolen or not.

Categories of the Refurbished Phone

There are three most common refurbished phone categories a user must have a little information about

Factory Refurbished

If you are interested in buying the refurbished phone, then it is the best option. Factory refurbished phones directly go through a comprehensive and strict manufacturer test where are faults are removed and built to make value for the market again.

Standard Refurbished

In this category, refurbished phones are settled at the distributor level or by the service provider. Phones are not sent to the company for a comprehensive test.

Reseller Refurbishment

This is the last category you have to choose if you are thinking of buy a refurbished phone. All type of defaults or errors is usually sought out by the previous owners or the reseller. If you are planning to buy refurbished Samsung galaxy s7 buy from the refurbished online store or a price comparison website to buy the best Samsung s7 deals online. Refurbished and used phones both deliver an impeccable performance if you buy it from the right place.


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