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We know how satisfying it can be to own a brand-spanking-new handset, but there are two very good reasons to consider buying used smartphones instead: dollars and cents. If you're willing to stay a step or two behind the cutting edge of mobile tech, you can find some big discounts on Buying Used Smartphones at ComparePhones4U. And with some owners upgrading on a yearly cycle, your chances of finding a gently-used flagship with standout features are greater than you'd think.



Generally speaking, it's great to Buy a Used Smartphone model right after its successor launches. This both ensures that the value of the phone you're looking to buy is dropping and that some who already own it is probably ready to sell.

Keeping that in mind, now that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is out, it's a great time to entertain older Galaxy handsets, like 2018's Galaxy S9. The S9 still benefits from a sleek design and dazzling AMOLED display, and the performance and photography sacrifices you'll make by going for an older model aren't as drastic as you might think.


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