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All users and visitors of this site are requested to read our privacy policy carefully to know our views and practices and how we use the personal data of customers. Once you visit this website, it would be considered that you are agreed to our privacy policies. Moreover, it is recommended to visit this pager time to time because we keep updating our privacy policy page. Comparephones4u takes the privacy of the customers very seriously and we make it sure there must be no information breach on our side.

Comparephones4u highly believe in customer’s privacy that is why we respect the privacy of every visitor who regularly or randomly visits our website. The purpose of developing the privacy policy is to let our customers, visitors, or any individual know that we ensure a complete privacy for everyone including his/her personal information. We are committed to protect your credentials until you do not disclose it to anyone. In such case, comparephones4u would not be responsible.

Anybody visits our website or use it either for information or for buying any smartphone, he/she will be bounded and agree to our terms and conditions. That is why we recommend you to read our terms and condition page. If you are not agreed to conditions or even a single point, you must not use our site or free services. if any visitor is found breaching our terms and condition, we have the right to ban his access to the website immediately.

How we use customer’s personal information?

If you have bought a deal or you sign up with our website, we only need your information for the third party where we redirect you to final your deal. We have nothing to do with your information other than business purposes. Once you are redirected to the third party portal, we are not answerable of any act of such party. You will have to follow relevant company’s terms and condition and privacy policy. It is also recommended you to visit third party privacy policy and terms and condition page before you disagree with any point.

You must not use the information of anyone else without his/her permission rather it is about filling any online form, online transaction or anything else that may breach his/her personal information. Similarly, if you are using anyone else details, you must confirm that you are the authority to use such data. Moreover, if such person permits you to use personal credentials, he /she will also be considered agreed to our company’s term and conditions.

We will not be responsible for the third party act of involvement in the data whether it’s yours or someone else. We do not take responsibly of a third party portal for any inconvenience or any experience you have there. It is highly advisable to click such party privacy policy to have a clear picture of everything.

The company has right to view the customer’s activity on the website. Moreover, we also have right to use your feedback, rating or such information for our business purposes. We may share the information with our third-party portals.

When we redirect you to the third party portal, we also send them your quotation and the price comparison process to the relevant company. This is only for to proceed you to the concerned company where you can get more information regarding your mobile. We are not the authority to finalize your price or payment or process any order. We only redirect you for further shopping. You may be contacted for upcoming promotions through email. If you do not want to receive such emails, you need to inform the relevant department of the company. If the third party contacts you through a phone call for order confirmation or it’s an issue regarding payment, it would not be considered an unethical approach either we have any involvement in such procedure.

The purpose behind disclosure of information

We use your personal information:

  • To take an analysis of refurbished phone market
  • To improve our services and customer analysis
  • For enhancing our professionalism
  • To respond user’s inquiries as soon as possible
  • To update customers with the regular promotions
  • To contact you for any miscommunication through Email

User’s information we collect

Whenever you visit our website, we automatically store the information of your IP address and the computer, it may include your browsing history, how you use our website, and it may be combined with other similar information.

Monitoring user activity

Monitoring of user activity on our website as well each communication may take according to the UK law particularly for business purposes such as developing better services, quality control, and to ensure effective operations.

We value your Security

We do not carry any financial transactions. We are only a medium between two parties’ buyer and seller, we are not responsible for the information you share with the retailer. As well as, we do not give any guarantee to any customer. To check the phone description and detail, it is highly advised to read retailers terms and conditions and privacy policy. Being a professional company, we follow a strict procedure to secure your credentials for any unauthorized access.

Comparephones4u is concerned about your rights

Once you read our privacy policy, we welcome all users who want to ask any question regarding the privacy policy. They can contact us anytime by sending Email to our contact office. We will respond you as soon as possible.


All services are being provided are subject to English Law and courts. You acknowledge that you are agreed to our privacy policy and we also have the right to change or modify our user policy.


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